Chrome Door Knockers

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At, our chrome-finished collection is designed not only to be functional but to also bring a beautiful modern aesthetic to the front of the house. Designed with quality and aesthetics in mind, our chrome door knockers provide your front door with a sleek, modernistic look that is sure to stand out to your guests. So, if you are looking for the highest quality chrome knockers at competitive prices, look no further.

Discover our range

Our range of chrome door knockers is sure to have something to suit all tastes. So, whether you are shopping for a home or a commercial property, we are sure to have something in store.

Along with our range of traditional style chrome door knockers, we also have a collection of novelty-style knockers for a unique finish to your home.  Our novelty door knockers bring a touch of your personality to the front door for all your guests to see.

Our chrome door knockers add a striking focal point to your door and complement existing chrome décor at the front of the house.

Installing your Chrome Knockers in your Home

All of our door knockers come complete with the necessary fixtures, along with detailed instructions on how to properly install your new door knocker. Therefore, installing our door knockers is a stress-free and straightforward experience.

Depending on the door knocker you chose, installation can sometimes vary. Therefore, always be sure to read the given instructions before you commence with installation. This way, you avoid making mistakes and causing potential damage to your front door. The only tools required are a drill, a pencil, a measuring tape, and a spanner. If you are unsure, it is always best to speak to a local professional to avoid damage to your door.

Maintaining your Chrome Door Knocker

Our chrome door knockers are popular for their bright and appealing characteristics. However, to keep your chrome door knocker looking its best, it is important to remember to clean it regularly with a microfibre cloth. Otherwise, your door knocker will eventually tarnish and lose its aesthetic appeal.

Chrome Door Knockers

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