Nickel Door Knockers

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At, our nickel door knockers offer an elegant feel to the front of the house and combine looks with functionality. If you require a reliable, high-quality knocker for your door, then look no further.

We have both contemporary and traditional style knockers in our range. Our contemporary designs draw inspiration from nature and bring a unique look to the front of your home. All our door knockers provide your guests with a great first impression of your home, and with our selection of knockers in stock, there is something to suit all tastes.

Discover the range

Our range of nickel door knockers is made using traditional techniques in Britain. So, whether you are shopping for a home or a commercial property, we are sure to have something in store.

Our knockers feature intricately detailed designs that will give a great first impression to guests visiting your home. A great example of the fine detail present in our door knockers can be seen in our Nickel Dragonfly Door Knocker, which can be found here.

Along with our range of traditional style chrome door knockers, we also have a collection of novelty-style knockers for a unique finish to your home.  Our novelty door knockers bring a touch of your personality to the front door for all your guests to see.

Installing your nickel door knocker

All of our products come complete with fixtures so that you can begin installation as soon as your door knocker arrives. Each door knocker also comes with a set of detailed instructions to make it easy to install.

Great care should be taken when installing your door knocker to prevent damage to your door. The only tools required are a drill, a pencil, a measuring tape, and a spanner.  If you are unsure, always seek out professional help before attempting an installation.

Maintaining your nickel door knocker

Nickel is generally considered to be a low-maintenance metal. However, the finish will still benefit from a small amount of regular care. To clean your Nickel door knocker, use a microfibre cloth with some warm water and mild soap. Once you have wiped away any debris, wipe it and dry it with a lint-free cloth.